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I never seen ghost orchid in person,"A ghost orchid seed will likely die if it's not infected by a particular strain of beneficial fungus." that's why it is very good to know this.


So fun to read that such a magnificent individual still thrives in South Florida. I 'botanized' in the Everglades, especially the Fakahatchee in the very early 1970's, and these were hard to find then. NO leaves! Just roots containing chlorophyll, all radiating like spider legs from a central 'dot' of a stem - and that is where the flowers eminate.

I never saw one near so large, simply singles or maybe as many as three flowers. I recall seeing flowers bobbing ever so slightly in the reduced breezes within the forest. Perhaps that's why they are called Ghost Orchids - they are hard to find, they are white and bob oddly in the near-still air!

Mike Bush

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