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Amen to that....

This was one of the most moving and inspiring pieces of information I have ever experienced in my entire life through your shared information, love must have sent me here because I have found love is universal and we all need to act as harmonious as they do. This truly moved me to tears thinking about life and personal relationships; thinking how we can all learn to love one another with the same type of compassion they do one another.

Hi Sandy,

Love your Blog. Was just wondering if the website on the Snow Globes have photos or descriptions somewhere. I am looking for one in particular - Santa and his Reindeer flying over a snow covered village. It was a present from Santa when I was a child of five years. I loved it but unfortunately it was broken. I have been searching for this particular snow globe for ages.

Take care,

Beverley J. Anderson
Yellowknife, NWT

PS I cried when I read your story on the Gorilla wake.

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