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No, unfortunately. Had to leave everything behind when I moved to Germany last year. That one was a moving casualty.

Ha, I love your detailed anecdote about the roaches. When I was growing up, my uncle gave my grandmother, who raised me, a gift--a beautiful old wooden cabinet. Not long after that, whenever we went into our kitchen at night and turned on the light, we'd see a stream of roaches scuttling along the wall by our oven and hiding behind it. I used to grab a wad of wet paper towel and throw it at a roach, then squinch the paper together as I picked it up, but that wasn't enough to kill it, so I'd toss it out the back door. Provided lots of entertainment, until my uncle found out we had roaches and had an exterminator come in. My uncle blamed their presence on my grandmother's housekeeping, and she never had the heart to tell him that they were part of his gift.

Do you still have your plant?

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